Our Path

Road 2 Paradise (R2P)

Road 2 Paradise:

  • What is it? Our inaugural collection blending art, business, and charity through Digital Tokens.
  • Tokens : 555 Membership Tokens released in a public sale at 0.03 ETH.
  • Collaboration: Crafted in partnership with the talented Morgan Tanner.

The 555 Club:

  • Exclusive Club: Only Road 2 Paradise Token holders gain entry.
  • Membership Perks: Club members receive special gifts as our brand grows.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in selecting NFT community-led projects for our onboarding class. Chosen projects come to life as a real-world practice for class participants.
  • Special rewards: Initial purchasers of R2P collection will receive an air drop of a V1 Project 1010 Access Token.

R2P is our first mini collection that commemorates the unity of art, business, and charity through Digital Tokens.

Project 1010

Project 1010

  • What is it? A limited collection of 5,555 Access Tokens.
  • Lifetime Membership: Holders will have a lifetime members of all our global jiu-jitsu/MMA gyms for as long as the token is held.
  • Community Voice: Project 1010 V1. owners have a say (via vote) in where we build new gyms (Based on major cluster of holders).
  • Unique Benefits: The rarity of your Project 1010 token determines additional exclusive benefits.

Year – Tokens released

Available now –    555- Road 2 Paradise airdrop.

2025 –  2020- Presale .05 ETH (48hrs)

              205- (Jesus Originally Owned)

               555- Public sale .55 ETH

Note: 555 will be released each following year at regular price of .55 ETH